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story_7As a longtime world traveller, I’ve created Las Niñas as an emporium of curios, näive art, folk-fashion, and home-wares sourced from Latin America. With an eye for bold colour and a keenness for kitsch I bring wonderfully whimsical objects to use in the home, to decorate, to wear, and to bring sunshine in your life!

“Las Niñas” translates to “The Girls” in Spanish, paying homage to the women who traditionally weave, sew, paint, knit, and embroider to make the magical things I bring back from my trips.

I have visited these villages for 18 years, watching families grow up and taking time to learn about the craftspeople’s skills and encouraging traditions to continue. I take an interest in the villages, donating time and funding to Mayan Families, a not for profit organisation that encourages sustainable growth and supports rural families in maintaining traditions by buying their authentic products, giving the family the money they need to look after themselves.

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Zara Elwood
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