Huichol love from us to you XXXX

Our last Huichol necklaces for the moment…………Alas

This week i have had the opportunity to re-learn some Portuguese, due to an enquiry from Brazil @barblacerda_

Of course we have a website,,, was my response, but those who don't know we have been trading in this glorious merchandise for over 17 years don't know that!! We love to be challenged, but it took till Friday before i could break the code, time to catch up and see to those things that hold u up and make you wonder????  These beauties are $140AUD or $130USA and one of a kind.

Thanks to Google Translate, i was able to say exactly what i wanted, gracias a diosxxxx

My adoration of things made by hand ethically, goes way back as you all know, we are passionate about empowering women and wearing things that are REAL things that have SOULS made from NATURAL FIBRES and FULL OF LOVE.

Grateful to have this as part of my heart and soul we continue to "Keep it Real" not greenwashing, just as it comes, and glad to answer in any language,,, so we can all grow together……….

Zara Elwood