I Was in the Shower, the Walls and Floor Shook, I Grabbed a Skirt...

Wow!!!! How fantastic has this trip been??? Today as I showered for the plane the walls and floor shook, things fell from the shelves and I grabbed a skirt as I ran down the stairs trying to focus on getting out the door, the door shook or was it my hand? By the time I got out the door, I urged the skirt down my frame to cover me and ran towards my friends who were on the street, screaming, I could go no further but was comforted to see familiar faces and see they also were ok.

This they say was a 7.1 magnitude and struck 2 hours or so from here. My flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow and now I get to sit with my Mexican family and catch my breath. There will be many more casualties this time as I have heard of buildings crumbling en el DF.

Thanks again I'm fine and please do not worry I am one of the privileged few who can see my escape as a gift and continue to live life to the fullest LOVE Zaraxxxxxx

Zara Elwood