Magdalena from Chiapas visits Oaxaca City

Its been an absolute pleasure to host Magdelena over the past few days, you may have seen my IGTV Posts and IG Stories.

Her town is 18 hours from Oaxaca City and she left her smallest child 18 months with her Mother his Brothers and Sisters and took the longest possible route on an overnight bus here.

I picked her up from the 2nd class bus station on Wednesday afternoon i could tell she was clearly exhausted but the two massive bags she carried with her told me she was here to sell so i took her to various places i had canvased prior to her arrival.

By 6.30 pm she was already bolstered by many sales and the warm invitations she was receiving from the purchasers here in Oaxaca City.

As part of the arrangement i had agreed to pay for her food and her accommodation as where i am living is not large enough for two, we found a funky old retro hotel right by all the Markets and Restaurants, she is at breakfast way before me and in the afternoons she likes to walk around the Zocalo like all the other vendors and sell directly to the public this way.

It has been wonderful to watch her confidence build and i am so glad we made this arrangement for her, she is normally a quiet and reserved woman but every now and again i can see her delight at such an adventure and the interactions she has made, sending me videos of passing processions and just gratitude when we connect throughout the day.

She has left now and i know with the last arrangement we made here to put 6 items on consignment in an Artisans Cooperative that she now has an excuse to come back again, i had asked if i could collect the proceeds from her sales and was told no only the Artisan with their proof of identity can do this and i may have seen the glee in her eyes as it has given her the link to return a perfect reason to continue to find other wonderful places to share the gorgeous works of her family.

Id like to thank my own Family, The Shannons, Marita Lokita, Christine Pauwels and many of my Customers who have to this day donated, purchased and supported Maria, Magdalena and her Children directly thru me, its a joy to watch them grow.