What kind of shopping would you like to do in Mexico City? Oaxaca? Chiapas? Guatemala?

 Would you like to meet the Artisans?

 And know that your purchase directly supports an individual? A Family? A Village?

 Conscious purchasing has been the base of this business since its conception in 1997………..

Well I was dreaming actually way before that, working out how to make the work I did have a positive impact on the environment, the future of all of us on this planet.

 Now I am able to share it directly with you when you visit Mexico, Day tours out of these towns are available depending on my agenda, so let’s plan ahead together.

 Knowing the individuals makes a difference to each of you purchases, visiting bustling markets means you are in the thick of a trade that has happened for millennia.

 Travelling with me means that you get the best deals and can fill your wardrobe with original authentic hand created Clothing made with love.

 These kind of day trips are tailoured for individuals who want to have an authentic experience buying, travelling with me gives you 23 years of experience in your pocket.

 Limited to two individuals a day the cost is $250A not including, travel and meals.

 I will make sure your dreams are met and your suitcase is overflowing with Authentic Artisan finds, not made by Machines, not from China or other countries masquerading as “MEXICAN Goods”




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