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Recently i have been catapulted into the realm of "public transport"

For 3.5 weeks i have been using something i have seen and wondered where it went but never had the need in the last 2 years to venture onto, as i have always had use of my car.

But after a fall before Christmas that left me with 2 cracked ribs and a punctured lung i have had occasion & a pleasurable experience working out how i can get home/when i can do so, based on what time the bus goes by.

I have taken to being as bold as going somewhere and not knowing how i'll get home and then trouble shooting for a return trip, i live in a place where the bus comes and goes 12 times a day on a weekday which i have found gives you quite a few options.

The nicest is meeting other locals from your home and surrounds and sharing tales of their day to day travels and life, doing things slowly and consciously is where i have been dumped due to the fall and i have really loved the experience.  

A conversation with my good friend has made me think again and about things differently, could i do this when i am able to drive once again? i would definitely be "time rich"

Thinking of my carbon foot print and the possibility of a bus regularly, it is a joy and you get lots more screen time and conversations to the one's you love and for once in my life i am not the designated driver!!!!

The walking and waiting at bus stops means i get to smell the roses & the "Palm Park" in Mullumbimby today nearly had me in tears, how could i have lived in NNSW for over 13 years and never know this beautiful meander existed????

My days and evenings have been full of chance rides & encounters, hello's and goodbye's with strangers and because its how i spend every day in my beloved "other home" Mexico, doing the same in Australia i feel somewhat closer to Mexico, especially the Greyhound Bus ride to Coff's for Christmas, without the chooks, food and the children on your lap tho *_*  

Here the busses are 3/4 empty and i wonder what it would take to fill them with minstrels and traders just like in my second home????

Today i got to eat "Guilt Free" chocolates from and hug the procurer of my amazing mince pie pastry Faith from Whian Whian Pottery Bakery at the incredible Mullumbimby Farmers Market woot woot!!!!! what more could a girl ask for in paradise????

xxx Zara

Zara Elwood