Muses & Mimicking

Reading an instagram post this morning by @benoit_paille took me back to the year 1999 in Melbourne whilst juggling taking care of my Mother with Alzheimer's and running along side "Las Niñas Textiles" a Hosiery company called "Posie Hose"

My intention for "POSIE HOSE" was to give Women in 1990's Australia, the variety of Patterns, Styles and Colours i had been used to living with in the UK in the 1980's by the reinvention of "Mary Quant" During that time we were all wearing our hosiery as tops in any pattern and colour you could find by cutting the crotch out and inverting the garment.

This was easy in the 1990's as there was still Manufacturing & Dye houses left in the scant "Rag Trade" i returned to in Australia.

The motivation of a competitor via a "Letter of Demand" was to completely iradicate my company from the marketplace, something money and connections were able to do prior to "Social Media" where one can simply see a photo and the following day be on a plane to the village buying the product to sell as something unique.

The 5 years following "Proving my Creativity" taught me that only your "Inherent Style & Creativity" is yours. Hours & hours of Court dates and Mediation resulted in only my bank account being damaged, i was supported and encouraged by so many who had been in the same place, often with the same litigious perpetrator.

Confirming the knowledge that we creative souls are the providers of the inspiration to the Followers, we seed the market, give the ideas to others and in my case i am grateful that this is so.

On my last buying trip i was in Towns and Markets for a week with some new followers making a be-line to my providers every time i looked away.

My motivation for this business has never been about the money, it is to support and continue traditions in Latin America where "Fast Fashion" is becoming the norm.

In this case that the followers also support the Artisans and Town's i have been doing so since 1997 so everyone prospers and as the advise given to @benoit_paille was to keep creating and those followers will always be followers.

PHOTO: Tulum 1997

Zara Elwood