INCA & Mario Testino

Holding onto a copy of Vogue Paris April 2013 following a recent move, in order for it to become a continuing archive and inspiration for my passion. 

Mario Testino's foray back to his place of birth to name his home and share with us some of the numerous treasures and icons this country has to share with the universe.

Peru's Ancient Culture is made fun of, or if i look at it another way 'craft fully used' as a backdrop for his eclectic intentions to show us its abundant beauty.

These countries I visit are dripping with inspiration and colour, tired of the monotoned culture i mostly live in, these countries pose a jolt to my consciousness and creativity they beg to be noticed and appreciated, and feed my thirsty mind with heart stopping embellishment and starkness at the same time to offer the biggest reflection.

Reminiscent of the colour and vibrancy in London & New York in the 1980's when I realised that Fashion would become my profession not just a pastime as it was already worn deeply into my soul by my talented mother and the eclectic childhood i had already experienced.

Zara Elwood