Who is Frida Kahlo to you??? "Fridita"

We all have some kind of personal connection to Frida Kahlo, most of us came across her in Art School.

Our Art teachers talking about her non conventional life style and her paintings that were so confronting, blood, foetuses, ugly visuals for kids that placed seeds for our future. 

She for me became the Woman i was most intrigued about due to her beautiful Clothing, her style and like me a "mono brow" wondering all the time how to get rid of it knowing that it was not cool as my contemporaries were plucking madly, to thin them or just shave them offfffff!!!

It made sense for me to get off the plane on my first trip in 1997 to find some accommodation and go straight to her home "Casa Azul" in Coyoacan, in the 20 years i have visited many times.

My most memorable and magical was the year they opened the locked room with the five "Treasure Chests" packed to the hilt with amazing pieces of her own private letters, clothing, keepsakes, makeup and even bus tickets in them, i had been reading the book that had been published that trip and could hardly wait for the shopping to be done so i could afford myself a trip to her home with more pieces of her possessions. Elated i was again another millimetre closer to my heroine. 

These most recent shots are from 2016, when we went on International Women's Day, a bunch of cheeky woman each with their own individual style who flirted, drank, sang and told jokes all over Mexico City that day, finished with a delicious dinner in style at The Casa De Los Azuelos a true Mexico City icon.

Take a look at http://www.museofridakahlo.org.mx to take a ride for yourself around her and Diegos home without leaving yours, and dont forget id love to hear your stories about who Frida Kahlo is to you? comment below xxxxx

Zara Elwood