Earthquake Relief, Problem Solved

On the last day i was in Mexico City in March this year i was recapping with my favourite friend that i still had one task to complete.

I told her that this trip i had been carrying with me all the donations i had received late last year from my generous customers that gave me money towards finding a Family or Charity that was viable following the September 7th Earthquake in Chiapas.

Being on the ground in Mexico in Feb & March i confirmed that Oaxaca was the worts hit during this quake and 5 months later was still struggling due to the remoteness of the villages effected and the insufficient distribution of money from the Mexican Government.

I left Mexico after being in both Earthquakes in September 2017 determined that i must deal with this next time i was back in Mexico.

At the Airport i was squished in a clutch of othere people going places and happen to overhear a conversation about Palapas, my mind was drawn back to the Rivera Maya and the wonderful time i had had there that trip, when the man got off the phone i asked him where were his Palapas?

This gorgeous individual Hector Esteban, began to talk of the program he had been running since October 17, in San Mateo del Mar, OAX helping the locals to reclaim their shelter by building Palapas for them.

He a Sustainable Architect and his friends spent months down there and were still supplying aid to this area.

Such providence is rare and i was so grateful to hear about this area which was only klms from the epicentre and so far from the Mexican Capitol that its unseen, please see the link below for photos of Hector's project and the beautiful recipients.

I have made an arrangement to go to this area this coming trip, to meet the locals, see his work and personally distribute the money i have on your behalf.

It is with so much cariño i will complete this task so stay tuned.

y once again muchismo gracias for your kind donations


Click here for photos of Hector's project and the beautiful recipients.