Living on $2 a Day-Live Below the Line

For 5 days i will be eating $2 worth of food a day, this is the third year i have participated on this program.

In Australia its called Live Below the Line 

Volunteering with amazing organisations like Mayan Families gives me an intimate insight into the lives of all kinds of Guatemalan people, mostly those in need, and often some very fragile like Don Pedro, this photograph was taken in September 2017.

The last time i worked with Meals on Wheels and Mayan Families in February we were visiting him in his home, he at that time was unable to walk around the corner to the spot where we would normally drop his meals of and he had various infections and was in bed the day we delivered, we were able to alert the Dr at Mayan Families and have someone take a look at him.

Thanks to the generous people who work at Mayan Familes

I have chosen to support the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic with my donation this year as it provides assistance for everyone who is in need at

You can donate to me on the link above or directly to Mayan Families, you may feel like sponsoring a Child or many of the other amazing programs they have created to help those truly in need.