How do you wear these pieces?

With LOVE and a knowledge that when YOU do, everyone will be smiling at you as they see the Unique handmade treasure and appreciate you are a walking piece of Art, a conglomeration of authenticity and beauty.

I have probably told you before about my Japaneese Yoga teacher who believed that textiles have energy, the energy of the people that make them as they weave, embroider and sew into the piece they are making, filled with their love and joy or their sorrows as in Like Water for Chocolate.


So not only is the piece beautiful but it has a soul and you can wear it as you have chosen it to be your piece alone, so accessorise it with anything you can find and the bolder the better AKA own it and adorn it and love it as this piece is not a throw away piece of fashion its made to last, to be take out each season and worn with the memory of the fun you have had in it previously and become of your future.

Only yesterday a customer was telling me that she regretted giving away one of my pieces from the mid 2000's she lamented the probability that she would like to wear it now as she fondled a similar piece on the rack.

The secret is that my clothes have a life, they are with me on the journey as are the accessories that go with them, i have pieces from when i was a teenager that hold stories and beauty from the past, i get them out like you would a painting or a photo, they were never produced in the past to be thrown away after a couple of wears, clothing was for work or for good!


Over the years i have had some very special male friends who have shown me their moleskins, or favourite button shirts the same way that i am speaking now about my/your clothes or a beautiful friend that has passed now, sharing with me his tweed jacket with so many stories we were in stitches, oops,,,, i remember the tears and the giggles like it was yesterday.

Choose your fashion carefully it should last and be worn again and again,with our pieces they already have been made with LOVE so your well on your way, quality fabric and hours of weaving & embroidery go into each item that hs been made to last not a few times in the washing machine and its wrecked, take a look here at some other people who are pioneering this movement currently, you'll see we are many xx

Zara Elwood