It's true i am going away AGAIN...........

Just as my life begins to return to normal and at home i have some rhythm, the money coming in is paying off the debt of the last trip, i feel like I'm not just surviving and my cupboards are replenished once again.

I find at work that i'm selling out of key items and my clients are asking me for things i no longer have, knowing full well that each trip i make means that i can only buy what my Artisans have produced since i saw them last and the few unique pieces i have come across as i run from one town to the next staying the minimum amount of time in order to get to the next village and collect from other providers in other places.  

These trips are a race against the date that i need to get back on the plane to return to Australia, they are a constant push of pressure that is not so enjoyable but that i have become used to.

The friends i have in the towns i visit always tell me as i leave....... "Please come and stay a few days longer next time you visit"......... and i leave wishing i could do so, but my business requires me to sell the stock i am buying, to pay the banks to free up my credit in order to return once again and give the Artisans the work and so on it goes.


In most towns i am part of the local machinations with this being my 20th year of buying i have had a history and place in their culture as their towns have grown exponentially, its a pleasure watching things change in these towns but also as a foreigner i can also see how in some ways things may not be changing for the better. (in my opinion)

My time in the country that i am born, just satisfies me culturally with my knowledge that where i can go will wrap me in a blanket of culture and joyousness that i cannot get at home, with a vibrant and stimulating environment i need to make myself feel satisfied, Latin America is part of my Heart and Soul and i blame my mother's parents for that and am so very grateful for this open door into the other part of who i am.

Zara Elwood