15 days of Rest in Central Queensland, Australia

After a hectic first 6 moths of the year I took it upon myself to disappear and recharge the batteries.

Those of you who work for yourself know, it requires endless responsibilities and hours of work beyond the demands of 9-5 and somedays never end, with only sleep reminding you that you must stop in order to run again into the following day.


During this exit from the office I was still filling orders and posting social media, gladly from locations that made my heart sing between volunteering with the Peace Convergence protesting about the Talisman Saber exercises on Shoalwater Bay and mixing with some of the most divine local personalities that Central Queensland has to offer, I had invitations to huge farms to look for resident crocodiles and mountain top locations that had views that took my breath away.


For a while I camped in a rain forrest and showered under the stars, those who followed "my story" will have seen some of the spectacular locations I had the pleasure of visiting, meeting other travellers on the same trail & being invited to campfires at dusk, or moon gazing across the Coral Sea or just wandering along those spectacular beaches taking to locals about their life, their home.

Spending so much time Overseas in the last 12 months made this trip essential to renewing my roots with my own country, honouring and replenishing my view of "home" as conversations with travellers overseas always veer to "and how are things in your country?" I now have more hours of tales to share with fellow travellers in the coming months on the other side of the world and cemented the knowledge that Australia is still the most beautiful country on this planet.


Whilst on the road powerless locations became fun when I needed to communicate with clients and thankfully those unsightly poles on hills got me thru so many difficult moments whist "not working" "holidaying"

Refreshed and ready for the next month of intense work before I head off again buying and the race to get all my new purchases to you in time for Christmas XXXX

Zara Elwood