Working from HOME "Sweet Home"

This is something I have been doing since the 1980's when whilst working in the Fashion Industry in Australia I found that making Jewellery on the side created extra money to save for Overseas trips and Travel.

Whilst travelling I had a case for Clothes and a case for my Jewellery and sold to Harvey Nichols and Liberty as well as many other clients who supported my desire to blend and melt into other cultures thru this decade.


My Home has always been the base of my work and adventures and when in the late 80's on my return to Australia from working in Europe, Canada, London & Japan cemented the need to go at it alone, I had so many ideas for the gaping holes in the Australian Fashion Industry and Hosiery became my next decade, after wearing anything I could get my hands on in Europe, America & London it was easy to find local Hosiery Manufacturers and begin the journey that lead ahead until 2003.

Wholesale has always been my game and gladly I would sit in my "OFFICE" with the music blaring and compose Collections and Colour ways based on what my clients were requiring and then my Private Collection "POSIE HOSE" with the colours of my latest adventures, explaining to the dyers that they hadn't made the "Rosa Mexicana" quite the right shade!!

My Homes are abundant Tree Filled Gardens with Vegies & Fruit Tree's, Thankfully all the homes I rented until my 40's were parts of rambling Old Homes or Old Blocks of Flats shrouded in life waiting for their owners to move on and the kids to take over and demolish.

This meant lots of freedom to paint, renovate and make them your own and the late 80's and 90's in Melbourne there were heaps to choose from in South Yarra & St.Kilda, so it was easy to get to work with a Showroom and Stockroom, as a Merchant this has always been how it is for me.

So staring into a Bird Filled Garden is my work & life, it makes my heart sing, having the washing machine on and lunch cooking has been my everyday, way before "working from home" was the fashion.

So whilst I have this latest foray into "retail" don't be surprised if you find a sign on the door saying "Out Running Errands" its the truth, and whilst I'm out I'll watch a bird and drink in the garden and pat a dog or two because part of my "Travelling Gypsy Nature" is to work where ever I am a Bus, Plane, Hotel Room or a Beach as thats what i have been doing all my working life. 


Zara Elwood