Júlia's NEW Shoes

My dear friend Julia has admired my shoes since i have known her, my very old but comfortable www.birkenstock.com Sandals have lasted me so long i hate to think of how many miles we have done together.


Julia has complained of sore feet for a while now as she lives far from the Metro  and like most of us does many kilometres daily in her Huaraches, but they are flat and the sole which is an old tire make for hard work.

@solebrosbyronbay Byron Bay had a little Sale of the smaller sizes before i left and i knew it was a good time to buy some, in anticipation that they fitted i made sure she was one of my first visits on my return to Mexico.

It was hard to gauge how happy she was with the Birkenstock's, but when i asked her if she would try them on for a photo she said that she would rather do that at home, i got the feeling that they were for good, as she got them out for a quick minute and i shot the picture below.

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