My first trip to Tulum in 1997

In 1997 I made my first trip to Latin America sourcing, I had been in the Fashion Industry for 17 years then.


Tired of constant difficulties I was having as a designer in the 1990s Melbourne, Australia, makers and suppliers were closing down due to the introduction of a ‘NEW” way of operating “Off-Shore” as it was called in those days!!


With memories of Women Older that I wearing incredibly beautiful Hand Embroidered, Hand Woven pieces in the 70’s my search began, and because the Opportunity Shops on the way home from School were never quite quenching my thirst, I had to discover where that glorious fashion had hailed from………


Enter Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Guatemala a love affair that has lasted 22 years from Artisans I have sourced the most delectable pieces over this time.


Quality…the perfect response to an Industry in Australia that was inviting us to meet delegations of Makers and Suppliers I had no interest in supporting, I had already bought from Hong Kong in the late 80’s & early 90’s it had no appeal for me.


My adventures began then and now I am consummating the LOVE AFFAIR…


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And thank you dearly for your love & support over these years xxxxxxxxxxx